Xanthi Panos

Xanthi Panos


Meet Xanthi, Construction Manager and Dancer

Do you have a hobby?  Tell us about it.

I love to dance.  My parents are from Greece and I’ve been dancing Greek folklore since I was 2 years old.  Through the years I learned tap, jazz and choreographed many shows and plays.  I love music.  I played the flute and clarinet for many years all through high school.  Still today, I love learning new Country line dancing, Latin dances and enjoy every genre of music.  I feel that dancing and music brings people together, relieves stress and is also great for physical, mental and emotional health.

What is your chosen discipline.  Why do you love it?

Construction Management.  The most exciting thing about my job is the opportunity to have an impact on a community.  I love building, creating and problem solving.  It comes naturally to me and I take great pleasure in the inner satisfaction and intrinsic motivation of doing the work.  I also like things neat, organized and in its place.  Construction Management is somewhat like that so it fits well with my personality. 

What’s your super power?

I owe my success to my competitive nature, against myself, and my drive to be the best I can be.  It keeps me interested.  In my career, I design, plan, construct and manage projects that can be seen and felt as effecting social and economic changes for a better quality of life.  The construction industry has a huge amount of diversity and challenges you in new and interesting ways.  This has provided me with the ability to analyze problems from a practical, theoretical, leadership and management perspective.  These acquirements can also be extremely significant in your personal triumphs. 

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