Tohono O’odham PIR 21(4)

Dibble CM provided construction management and inspection services for reconstruction of this remote $8.4 million, 11.5-mile stretch of 45-year-old roadway. This recently completed section of Federal Route 21 will help the Nation’s members make it safety between Santa Cruz Village in the Pisinemo District and Papago Farms in the Chuckut Kuk District. The road also provides a more accessible and safe way for the U.S. Border Patrol to reach their station at Papago Farms.

Existing road conditions along PIR 21

Material from the existing road was removed and pulverized to use as the base material for repaving. The project also included aggregate base course, hot asphaltic concrete, drainage structures, dip crossings, fencing, cattleguards, gate, signage, striping, and other miscellaneous work.

Construction along PIR 21


Tohono O’odham Nation

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Construction Management and Inspection


Construction Value

“I know a road is just a road…I can’t tell you how beautiful that road is.” Rosemary Lopez, Chukut Kuk District