Thunderbird Road Corridor Improvements

Our successful past performance led to Dibble CM’s direct selection to provide inspection services to the City of Peoria on this high-profile capital improvement project.

A joint effort between the City of Peoria and ADOT, Rich Acosta, Peoria’s CIP project manager, needed assurance that the outcome would be successful and both entities’ specifications would be achieved.

As with most city street projects, coordinating with surrounding businesses and managing work around rush-hour traffic were the most significant challenges. The Dibble CM team brought several innovative ideas to the project that were implemented to save time and money.

The scope included new traffic signal poles, lane modifications, and concrete replacement for both the City of Peoria and ADOT right-of-way. This project ran for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to minimize the time of disruption to area stakeholders. Dibble CM’s effective communication with agency officials, the contractor, and area stakeholders’ traffic, safety, and schedule demonstrated our expertise in managing this highly impactful project.

Upon project completion, Rich Costa had this to say about the success of the project:

Having Dibble CM services available has made not only our projects more successful, but has also given us the confidence that the quality and workmanship of the construction work has met our expectations. I am confident that Dibble CM would provide the same level of service to all agencies and local governments choosing to hire them.


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