Smucker Park Detention Basin

Dibble CM is providing preconstruction assistance, construction management, and construction inspection for this stormwater detention basin, which is part of a drainage master plan for a four-square-mile area that drains into the City of Yuma’s Smucker Park. The basin will include embankments and cut slopes, an earthen dam, and spillway design to meet the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ dam safety requirements.

The project involves the construction of a detention basin, soil nail wall shoring, sheet pile cofferdam, floodgate, floodwall, basin emergency overflow spillway storm drain system, two large highly specialized concrete box culverts, outlet structures, and a pathway. The project also involves the removal and replacement of the existing storm drain pipes, a pump, and discharge line. The contractor will remove approximately 50,931 cubic yards of material and excavate 195,912 cubic yards of material while keeping it on-site as fill. Extensive utility relocation is required due to the large pipe and deep excavations.


Dibble / Yuma County Flood Control District

Yuma, AZ

Construction Management and Inspection


Construction Value