Prescott Regional Airport Taxiway C Relocation Phases 2 and 3

Dibble CM provided construction inspection services for Phases 2 and 3 of the Taxiway C Relocation project at Prescott Regional Airport (PRC). The project shifted parallel Taxiway C between crosswind Runway 12-30 and connecting Taxiway C6 to the northwest to meet the required centerline-to-centerline separation distance from Runway 3R-21L. The project also included lighting and signage on Taxiway C and all the new connecting taxiways, installation of runway end identifier lights (REILs) at runway end 21R, and hot spots 3 and 4.

Phase 2 construction involved the removal of 23,736 square yards of pavement and the placement of 31,867 square yards of lime-treated subgrade, 31,867 square yards of crushed aggregate base course, and 14,969 square feet of the proper permanent pavement markings. In addition, 1,774 linear feet of storm drains and two concrete storm drain catch basins were installed. The project also removed and salvaged 139 runway/taxiway lights and isolation transformers. To accommodate the replacement of the lights, 21,055 linear feet of cable, 11,835 linear feet of conduit, and 882 linear feet of duct bank were placed to protect the newly laid cable and conduit.

Phase 3 construction included the full-depth pavement removal of approximately 50,000 SY, over-excavation and replacement of unsuitable materials, lime-treated subgrade, removal of reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) storm drains and replacement with rubber gasketed RCP (RGRCP), and removal and replacement of approximately 141 REILs.

In addition to providing construction inspections for both day and night work, Dibble CM’s role has involved providing quality control, construction observation, project management, and quality assurance testing. We completed daily reports, maintained files and documentation related to the project, documented and verified quantities, and monitored the progress of the project, including the contractor’s three-week look-ahead schedules. Additionally, we reviewed as-builts for accuracy, reviewed pay applications, and notified the engineer and/or contractor of deficiencies in work when necessary. Dibble CM also provided project closeout, including a final walk-through.


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