Phoenix Goodyear Airport Drainage Improvements

Dibble CM provided construction management and inspection services to construct a stormwater pipeline to replace the Roosevelt Irrigation District’s (RID’s) two open sections of irrigation channels that ran through the Phoenix Goodyear Airport. The two open channels were connected by a system of airport storm drains of various sizes and served as the primary drainage conveyance for on-site stormwater at the airport. The channels ran through the airport northwest and southeast of the runway and taxiways.

The project enclosed both channel sections with pipe, connected them to existing lateral inflow locations, and backfilled the channels to match existing grades. Two additional smaller open channels that collected local runoff were also enclosed. Other drainage improvements installed as part of this project included junction structures, catch basins, offsets, intakes, and utility relocations.

Dibble CM’s construction management tasks included providing preconstruction assistance; participating in contractor and owner meetings; reviewing the contractor’s pay requests; conducting weekly progress meetings with the contractor and project stakeholders; preparing meeting agendas and minutes for all project stakeholders; and reviewing change orders.

The team also provided construction inspection services, such as verifying the contractor’s work progress; measuring and documenting pay quantities; verifying the frequency of quality control field testing, reviewing materials test reports, and reporting deficiencies in work; coordinating quality assurance material testing; and documenting any unforeseen conditions, changed conditions, or extra work performed by the contractor.

Dibble CM will also assist with construction closeout by conducting final walk-throughs; preparing and distributing the punch list prior to final walk-through; reviewing the contractor’s request for final payment and final quantities; and reviewing the contractor’s final redline drawings for accuracy.


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Goodyear, AZ

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