68th Street Bridge Replacement

The 68th Street bridge, spanning the Arizona Canal in Scottsdale, carries more than 17,000 vehicles to and from Old Town. When inspectors found that the bridge was structurally deficient due to corroding steel weakening the structure, the City of Scottsdale partially closed the bridge. City officials decided the most cost-effective option was to demolish and replace the existing structure during the canal’s upcoming dry-up, which occurs once every seven years.

Demo cleanup

Clearance requirements for the canal required raising the bridge’s elevation and the adjacent roadways to be reprofiled to match the new bridge grade. The project scope included new roadway, drainage, and traffic improvements to reconfigure the intersection of Indian School and 68th Street. The improved intersection was reconfigured to a roundabout to accommodate the grade adjustment required for the bridge structure.

Dibble CM provided construction management services for improvements to the Indian School and 68th Street intersection and on 68th Street from the limits of the bridge north to the touchdown point. The proposed improvements included roadway and multimodal improvements, new storm drain, signing and marking, roadway lighting, and landscape improvements.

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Scottsdale, AZ

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