23rd Street Sewer Capacity Improvements

Dibble CM served as the resident engineer and lead inspector for this critical sewer improvement project in a high-traffic industrial area of downtown Tempe. This CMAR project included supplementing the 15-inch and 18-inch sewer main line with 360 linear feet of 15-inch vitrified clay pipe (VCP) and 3,334 linear feet of 24-inch VCP sewer main line to meet the growing demands of multiple stakeholders in the area. Subsequent replacement of pavement, concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, and other surface improvements was also included. Poor soil conditions required the closure of 23rd Street due to failing trenches. Site and traffic safety were paramount. Our quick response with the development and approval of contingency traffic control plans kept the project and traffic moving.

Dibble CM coordinated with United Dairymen of Arizona (UDA), a major stakeholder who paid for a portion of the project, to provide their trucks access as their operation ran 24/7. The team also worked with the contractor to shut down production at certain times while UDA changed trucking routes. We coordinated with the City of Tempe and Salt River Project (SRP) to temporarily relocate a power pole for a section of sewer installation. An unforeseen temporary sewer bypass was required, and our team led the efforts to collaborate with the CMAR and the City to develop a bypass plan and route that was acceptable and affordable. Most of this project was performed at night, making continual verification of sound traffic plans on the ground of paramount importance.

24-inch VCP being replaced in front of the UDA facility


City of Tempe

Tempe, AZ

Resident Engineer and Construction Inspection


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