Women in Construction Week – Xanthi Panos

Xanthi Panos is a Construction Manager at Dibble CM, with an impressive 30+ years of experience in the industry. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise is a cornerstone of our team.

Xanthi finds joy in the profound impact she can make on communities through her work. Building, creating, and problem-solving are her passions; she excels at turning challenges into opportunities.

When asked about her advice to women aspiring to enter the construction field, she shared these insightful words:

“For women aspiring to pursue a career in construction, my advice is to ensure you bring confidence to the table. It’s crucial to have a supportive environment where you can continue to grow and understand your value in the field. Take the initiative to learn about growth opportunities within the industry and strive to understand every aspect of construction. Expanding your knowledge of the industry will not only empower you but also open doors to greater opportunities for advancement.”

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