Tucson International Airport Reconstruct Taxiway ‘D’

Dibble CM provided inspection services for the reconstruction of approximately 7,000 feet of parallel Taxiway ‘D,’ which serves Runway 3-21 at Tucson International Airport.

This project’s major components include bringing all geometry along with Taxiway D and the associated connector taxiways up to current FAA standards. Other scopes of work include the realignment of a primary connector taxiway, realignment of a service road to the outside of Object-Free Areas (OFA), and relocation of holding position markings and signage. Also included are new Runway Guard Lights to meet FAA standards.

The project consists of rehabilitating the asphalt concrete pavement along with Taxiway D, including connector Taxiways D1 and D3 in their existing alignments, improved structural shoulders, and erosion control pavements.


Tucson Airport Authority

Tucson, AZ


Construction Value

Asphalt placement

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