What We Do


Construction Management

We understand you can choose from many different firms. What makes clients pick Dibble CM? Our passion! We do one thing - Construction Management - and we do it exceedingly well. When you hire us, you are hiring a CM you can trust. Yes, we control cost. Yes, we control schedule. Yes, we control quality. Combine these things, and you discover the heart of what we do: serve as your advocate. We are constantly searching for ways to provide more value for every dollar spent. This happens not by chance, but by intention. Our Project Management Process systematically reviews value-added opportunities, constraints, overall constructability, scheduling, budgeting, quality control, utility coordination, construction safety, traffic control during construction, construction sequencing, and public impact considerations. Experience leadership with Dibble CM.


Your project is unique - from site to schedule. An experienced preconstruction manager makes all the difference between missing and hitting target goals. Dibble CM helps relieve clients of worry. We bring light and solutions to potential risks. Our pro-forma research, cost estimating, value engineering, due diligence, constructability reviews, life cycle cost analysis, long-lead procurement, material choice and subcontractor selection procedures help make the construction process a much more enjoyable, surprise-free experience for our clients. Experience trust with Dibble CM.


According to the ACAI, the fee for independent inspection services is often less than 1% of the project value, but can save owners up to 10% of the total cost! Why? Because professional inspectors are specially trained. They are aware of the latest regulations and possess licenses, certifications and registrations to remain highly proficient. Providing inspection services is another way Dibble CM helps serve as a client advocate. Our inspectors are proactive and offer solutions. In the end, they are there to make the process seamless. Experience quality with Dibble CM.